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Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate, and Business Law

Our Legal Practices

We strive to assist our clients in everything we can from Estate Planning, to the opening of a new business, civil litigation, and through the Probate process once a loved one has passed. ​With a dedicated team of experienced attorneys, Castagna Law Firm, P.A. knows that the best way to address our clients’ legal issues is to understand their business and industry. Your case is important to us — read on to learn about our areas of expertise.


Estate Planning

Protect your future and the future of your family through Estate Planning.   Is your Will from out-of-state, or have circumstances in your life changed since you created your will? We consider it a great privilege to help ensure that your wishes are honored and protected both while you are living and when you pass on.  We can advise you on which legal documents best suit your situation.  We do not believe in “one size fits all” and will tailor an estate plan customized to you.

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Valued Feedback

"Not many times will an attorney go the extra mile in helping with legal matters. Castagna law firm seems willing, able and honest in their efforts to assist legal matters with clients. I can not find enough good things to say about this law firm."
- Anonymous Client

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